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As rapidly as the cannabis industry is growing, time may make the difference between success and failure.

One way to get to GO faster is to hire a professional engineer. As we like to say, “Great design saves time.” When you consult with CE+C engineers, you get information gained from years of expertise in the cannabis industry. We know building and fire codes, equipment manufacturers, and pre-built lab providers. We can guide you through choosing your solvents, equipment selection, and building solid relationships with your local fire marshal and building inspector. All of these things combine to save you the time, expense, and headache of going back to fix mistakes.

In any new industry, compliance with regulations presents a steep learning curve. In extraction, where volatile chemicals create a substantial risk for fire and explosion, the necessity to get it right is literally a matter of life and death. Add to that the still-controversial nature of the industry at the Federal level and the need for impeccability becomes a business-critical factor.

We create designs that pass inspections without a lot of hassle. We help concerned fire marshals relax with our fire protection and life safety expertise. Our thorough preparation gets you through permitting and on the way to production and profit.

If this sounds like what you need, please call, email, or send a request through our contact form. We look forward to serving you.

Recent Projects

We’ve helped more than 60 cannabis facilities to get up, running, and compliant. Here are a few of the most recent.

Need to meet facility requirements quickly? We can help!

Cannabis Engineering & Compliance
can help you with all of your facility needs, from ground-up design
​to temperature and humidity control, to meeting strict fire protection requirements.
Let our team take the worry out of your start-up process.

Facility Design

Whether you need ground-up facility design, troubleshooting or upgrades in an existing facility, or just help with the permitting process, we’ve got you covered.

Temperature & Humidity Control

With decades of experience designing sensitive facilities, we can help you develop your optimal environment. Let us fine-tune your operation with controllable temperature and humidity to support growing, processing, and worker health and safety.

Permitting Support

Meeting fire protection and life safety requirements can be one of the biggest challenges to setting up a processing operation. Luckily, we’re here to help! Our extensive experience and licensed fire protection engineer make permitting easy.

Trust your facility to Cannabis Engineering + Compliance. We've got this.

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