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Since 2016, we have partnered closely with Linked Equipment, a company that provides made-to-order, rapid-build facilities to growers and processors. Because the industry was so new at the time, we created designs and equipment from scratch, including extraction vessels, and the evaporating process. In addition to design, we provided permitting support for plumbing, HVAC, and fire protection. Our work was used as a basis for a successful Labor and Industries Factory-Built Housing and Commercial Structures permit submittal.

For this Coachella, California facility, we worked with Linked Equipment for design of a mobile lab, mill, and ethanol extraction, which were used during the period that permanent structures were being designed, permitted, and built. Having the portable structures in place allowed the company to process product and earn income for the 18-month construction period, gaining profit, experience and reputation during what would have otherwise been a period of pure expenditure.

In each facility, CE+C designed and supported the installation of the 1 to 2 hour 120-gallon ethanol extraction equipment, life safety equipment, HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection systems, provided consultation and code evaluations on chemical storage regulations to meet code and safety requirements for egress and ventilation, and supported permitting.

Linked Equipment and our end-user clients continue to recommend us to others in the industry several years later. They trust our unique expertise in the industry, our thorough design and QC processes, and our exceptional communication. We combined all these attributes to assure their projects ran smoothly and will do the same for yours.

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