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Cannabis Facility Permitting Support

Ease the Permitting Process with Support from Cannabis Engineers

CE+C’s deep knowledge of cannabis facility needs and local permitting requirements allows us to ensure you have a code-compliant, efficient facility that meets regulations.

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Cannabis Facility Permitting with CE+C

Why Us?

We’ve been doing cannabis industry engineering since 2016, building on a history of work in wineries, distilleries, and boutique food production. This makes us one of the oldest and most experienced engineering teams in the cannabis sphere. Our team has created unique designs for more than 70 projects, giving us a depth and breadth of knowledge you just won’t find elsewhere.

Who We Are:

Our expertise is so unusual that our principal engineer sits on the National Fire Protection Association 420* standards committee. Who better to help you navigate the rules than someone who helps to make them?

The CE+C team is passionate about bringing reliable, established engineering practices to the cannabis industry as it continues to evolve. We love helping owners start, expand, and optimize their facilities, getting them from design, through permitting, and to production as quickly and easily as possible. As we like to say, “Great design saves time.”

What You Get:

We will provide you with a unique systems design, custom-made for your cannabis facility. Every project we work on is innovative, resting on our solid foundation of accumulated knowledge from more than 65 cannabis projects and related work in breweries, wineries, and distilleries. The result is a facility that is tailored to the way you work, with equipment that functions together holistically and reliably.

*Yes, that really is the NFPA’s name for their cannabis regulation committee. We love their sense of humor.

Parts of the permitting process will likely be one of the last steps to complete before you move in and start producing. Even so, the decisions you make as you start to plan your facility will make a difference to how quickly and easily you get through your permitting process. The kind of building you choose, your location, equipment, and chemicals used in your processing all impact the permits you need before you open. Professional engineers, architects, and contractors deal with these issues every day and can help you navigate the complicated world of codes, rules, and regulations.

Types of Cannabis Facility Permitting

Depending on a variety of factors, you may encounter requirements for odor control, environmental impacts, wastewater, and air quality. Any extraction facility will face life safety and fire protection compliance requirements. All of this is on top of the requirements for having your cannabis license in the first place, and the same construction and energy standards that all buildings must meet.

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Variation in Cannabis Permitting Requirements

Owners of cannabis production facilities may find different requirements based on location. States and counties will have their own regulations, and on top of that, may even have conflicting interpretations of the same code in different locations. Sound complicated? It is.

For example, we know of an experienced producer who was expanding his operation. He had a conflict in permitting because of the way one local authority interpreted “enclosed space.” This meant that a facility design that had easily gained permits in one county did not pass muster in another county only a few miles away. Though the facility had no walls, the second jurisdiction interpreted “enclosed space” to mean anything that had a roof. Unfortunately, the owner didn’t find this out until the facility had been built. By the time he called us, he had a choice between selling the building or adding costly upgrades to his life safety systems.

CE+C’s engineers ease your permitting process. Contact us to learn more.

Don’t make these common mistakes in your new cannabis facility.

Common Delays in Cannabis Facility Permitting

The biggest mistake a facility owner can make is to set thoughts of permitting aside until it’s time to fill out the paperwork. Many of the decisions you make early on will come into play in the permitting process. This includes the equipment you buy, the solvents you choose, the style and location of your structure, even the materials you build with. We’ve seen folks purchase equipment that will never pass muster because it does not hold the required ratings. One distraught owner had signed a lease on a space that was co-located with a day care and would never get a certificate of occupancy from a Fire Marshal due to zoning. Imagine having a year-long lease you could never use! The bottom line is, it’s never too soon to start thinking about all of the requirements you will need to meet before you can start operating.

How a Cannabis Facility Permitting Expert Can Help

When you work with professionals who have cannabis facility experience, you will avoid a lot of expensive mistakes. Engineers and architects in this industry understand the requirements and the unique needs of cannabis producers. You can think of it as having a guide as you make your way through unknown territory.

Experienced cannabis engineers know how equipment performs under pressures of daily use. They see beyond the brochures to the realities of reliability, maintainability, and efficiency. They know how to design systems that function together rather than working against each other. Commissioning performed by certified professionals makes sure that your equipment performs as designed and expected so that you know you’re getting what you paid for.

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Avoid wasting time and money as you start your cannabis business.

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