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Time lost is profit lost. 

Get your production going. Fast.

We are engineers with a strong background in design of systems for facilities with complex needs and processes, including dozens of cannabis grow and extraction facilities.

As cannabis has become legalized in more and more states, we saw producers, processors, and even code officials struggling to make sense of new laws and regulations. And we found we could help.

With our decades of experience working in industrial and food processing facilities, we understand the systems that control temperature, humidity, and airflow in sensitive environments. We’re accustomed to working with permitting officials, with fire marshals, and with first-time business owners. We found we could take the worry out of the facility design and permitting process, and get new businesses producing their product fast, and with minimal stress.

In short, we’ve got this. Let us help you get your facility and your production going – fast.

Facility Design

Our team of design and permitting specialists can help you design your facility from the ground up. Looking to get going fast? Consider using a repurposed shipping container, from our friends at Linked Equipment.

Industrial Systems & Environmental Control

Looking for precise temperature & humidity control? Baffled by complex fire protection requirements? With our decades of experience, we’ll get you maximum performance with minimal hassle.

Permitting Support

We understand code and code officials. We’ve worked with permitting officials and fire marshals in scores of jurisdictions, and can help you quickly navigate the complexities of rapidly evolving codes and regulations.

Troubleshooting and Optimization

Need help troubleshooting a problem in your facility? Estimating the cost of a new or expanded operation? Get in touch! Our work on dozens of grow, processing, and related facilities means we know what works, what doesn’t, and what it will cost.

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