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When you process 80,000 pounds of cannabis every year, you need a facility that works. That’s why our client chose CE+C to design their new facility.

The project design included butane and CO2 extraction systems, a 50-gallon ethanol extraction system, and two parallel 50-gallon, two-hour extraction systems with supporting chilling and heating systems. To maximize the life of their product, two 45-foot freezers keep the product fresh until it’s sold. This technological innovation smooths the bumpy revenue stream that is an issue for all farms, and allows the grower to take advantage of the best prices for their trim.

CE+C managed a multi-disciplinary team of architects and engineers to provide permitting documentation and support, with the entire project being designed and permitted within two weeks. Startup and commissioning followed within the next month.

You don’t have to choose between “done fast” and “done right” when you hire CE+C to design and manage your project!

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