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Grow and Extraction Facility Expansion

Expand your Business to Increase Profitability

We provide engineering support for established cannabis facilities.

Our expansion solutions are sustainable, reliable, constructable, and maintainable.

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Grow and Extraction Facility Expansion with CE+C

We’ve been doing cannabis industry engineering since 2016, building on a history of work in wineries, distilleries, and boutique food production. When we started working in cannabis, we often had to work with equipment manufacturers to adapt their existing product lines to support cannabis extraction or even design custom equipment. This makes us one of the oldest and most experienced engineering teams in the cannabis sphere, and we are passionate about our work. Because we are the subsidiary of a larger firm, you get the personal attention of a small firm combined with the resources of a well-established engineering company including Computational Fluid Dynamics airflow modeling, enhanced commissioning services, and a bench of experts in mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection engineering with centuries of combined experience.

Our team has provided design for more than 65 cannabis projects, so there’s not a lot we haven’t seen before. We’ve been designing unique, custom systems since the very beginning. We take pride in solving unusual problems and providing our clients with the very best facility their budget can buy.

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You know you’ve been successful because your business is growing like… well… a weed. Things are smooth and you’re producing at full capacity. It’s time to consider the future. Do you keep things as they are, or do you take the next step to expand your facility, increase your profits, and maybe even hire some new employees from that stack of resumes on your desk? But how do you decide what is the next right thing to do? Read on for some ideas of where to begin.

When and Why to Expand your Cannabis Extraction Facility

Back when you started your business, you made decisions about location, equipment, staff, and processes. Now is a great time to revisit your choices and see if they still support your optimal performance.

As the industry has grown, equipment choices have expanded greatly, and the technology has improved. Your throughput may have been excellent for the time you purchased your processors, but if it has fallen off due to aging equipment or if the industry averages have increased dramatically, it may be time to upgrade your systems. Greater throughput may mean larger equipment or a need for increased storage. This is just one indication that you should explore what expansion or upgrades could do for you.


your cannabis facility can also be part of expansion.

We’ve worked with over 65 cannabis facilities. Contact us to learn how we can help you.

What to Consider when Expanding a Cannabis Grow or Extraction Facility

Upgrading an HVAC system with CO2 enrichment can greatly increase the yield in your grow house. It can also trigger re-permitting and required upgrades if your local codes have changed since you opened. A professional consulting engineer can tell you what upgrades will trigger the requirements in your area. The same holds true for making changes to an extraction lab. If you change solvents, you may need upgrades to life safety, storage, solid waste disposal, or equipment.

CE+C Tip: Expansion is also a good time to consider whether you are making the best use of your existing space. For example, does it make sense to move the business office to an outbuilding so you can expand your grow into an adjacent space? Or can you move your chemical storage to create room for another extractor? You may find ways to expand your output without a complete remodel.

If you’re ready for a big jump in production (and revenue!), we suggest you start exploring what your peers are doing in their facilities. Technology is changing fast, and producers are getting better yields per square foot in their grows, and per pound in their extraction processes. We find useful information in Leafly’s industry section, and some industry forums on LinkedIn, and from direct discussion with growers and clients.

How do you want to Expand your Grow or Extraction Facility?


ensures that your facility will meet your needs for years to come.

We recommend that you take a holistic approach to your decision to expand. Consider the financial health of your business, your own desire to manage a larger operation, what additional help you’ll need, and how you’ll finance an upgrade. Plan how you will use the additional capacity; will you expand your product line, or produce more of your currently successful offerings? If you have a grow, do you want to bring your processing and extraction onsite? Your facility expansion should be as unique as your business.

Avoid Common Pitfalls of Cannabis Extraction Facility Expansion

We know cannabis entrepreneurs are risk-takers and competent do-it-yourselfers. That’s part of the excitement of participating in a relatively new and rapidly growing industry, and we believe it’s a big contributor to your success. That said, doing things too quickly or without expert support can result in some delays and unpleasant surprises as you expand your facility. Here are a few things to watch out for.

Consider permitting from the beginning, including building, energy, fire, and life safety codes.

Make the best use of every square foot of space.

Pay attention to required clearances for equipment.

Assess available power to be sure it will accommodate added load of new equipment.

Buy equipment that can be permitted and has the right certifications.

Make sure your facility has the right safety features for the solvents and extraction methods you use.

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How a Cannabis Facility Expansion Expert Can Help

Some architects and engineers have extensive experience in the cannabis industry and know how to avoid the pitfalls listed above. An expert can provide accurate assessments of your current facilities, including the remaining useful life of your equipment. It may be that some systems can serve you well into your next phase of expansion, allowing you to save some money.

Cannabis grow and processing facility, Washington
Heating, cooling, and life safety systems can work in concert, or they can work against each other.
Expert consulting gives you the data you need to make informed decisions.
Energy audits and other systems analyses provide you with information that will make your facility more energy-efficient, lowering your cost of goods.

These are just a few examples of how expert advice can help you create a better facility as you take your business to the next level.

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