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Choosing Cannabis Extraction Equipment To Start Your Production

CO2 Canister In Cannabis Extraction Facility

Selecting the right equipment is important for any startup company wanting to ensure production quality and consistency. For an equipment-dependent industry like cannabis production and extraction, the right equipment is imperative.

The Importance of the Right Cannabis Extraction Equipment

Some startups, wanting to make the best use of their limited funding, opt for the least expensive market solutions. Sometimes, though, the extraction equipment with the lowest price tag can turn out to be a huge cost in the long run. Some of it may not even be approved for use in your region. It may result in poor or inconsistent product quality, or waste money through downtime or limited through-put. Like with any large purchase or business investment, buying cannabis extraction equipment requires thorough research and consideration.

Consider Your Cannabis Products

Before choosing any cannabis extraction equipment, consider the products you want to produce, and how. Do you want to manufacture specialized products such as live resins or live rosin? Is the focus on non-solvent or solvent based extraction? These considerations will impact the equipment you choose.

Ethanol or CO2 Cannabis Extraction Method

Many companies start with solvent extractions, particularly CID1 and CID2 solvents including ethanol, butane/propane, or CO2. All of these options are used for both marijuana and hemp extraction equipment, giving you the flexibility to develop a broader range of product offerings.

Hydrocarbon Extraction

If you plan to produce live resins, rosins, or other concentrates like shatter, you may want to consider the benefits of hydrocarbon extraction. This extraction method retain the natural terpene levels, adding to the aroma and flavor profiles of your products. Of course there are always trade-offs, and hydrocarbon extraction is more complex, and more importantly, a highly flammable process. This means a higher bar for that sought-after occupancy permit, and a higher cost for your life-safety systems. Your mistakes can be more expensive, so it’s crucial to ensure your equipment is safe, reliable, and fit for purpose.

Equipment and Cannabis Facility Permitting

When choosing equipment for your cannabis extraction facility, you also need to consider code and permitting requirements in your local jurisdiction. Each area has different life safety and fire protection requirements around solvents, equipment, and more. Don’t make the mistake of committing to a certain piece of equipment before ensuring that it passes muster in your jurisdiction.

Cannabis Equipment Engineering

If considering all of these factors in choosing your cannabis facility equipment feels overwhelming, cannabis engineers like those at CE+C, can help. We are experienced in helping owners choose the right equipment, and we are expert at reading and navigating confusing local codes. Visit our services page to learn more about what we offer.

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