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CE+C welcomes the State of Connecticut to the states with legalized cannabis

Flag Of Connecticut When Cannabis Was Legal

The State of Connecticut has legalized the consumption, growth, extraction, and possession of cannabis! All of us at CE+C send our congratulations and best wishes for a mellow, productive, and economically beneficial future. Economic studies indicate that in the first five years, the cannabis industry will generate between $622M-669M in direct tax revenues. Municipal governments will also benefit by adding their own local taxes, an estimated 3% tax generating an expected $70M over five years. The business opportunities for cannabis producers and entrepreneurs will grow exponentially—are you going to be part of that growth?

If you are planning a cannabis extraction facility or grow room, here are some things that will be of interest.

Cannabis Licensure in Connecticut

For production, existing medical producers may apply to convert their licenses to consumer production. There are microcultivators (2,000-10,000 sf) and cultivators (>15,000sf) licenses, and if you’re planning on year-round grows, you’re going to need greenhouses. The power usage in greenhouses can be prohibitive and eat into your profits, but is still far lower than indoor grows, where power consumption per pound is now more than the wholesale cost per pound in some states. You’ll want to be sure to have designers who pay attention to efficient systems, for your bottom line and for the health of the planet.

We salute Connecticut’s equity plan.

The state has set aside 50% of its licenses to be distributed via its Social Equity program and has a Social Equity Council. They have further put in place systems to automatically expunge many previous possession convictions, and others may request to have their records expunged at no cost. The state has set a fine example with this comprehensive plan, and we encourage other states to follow.

Further Information on Connecticut Cannabis Laws

The State of Connecticut provides information on the medical and recreational cannabis laws as they exist now, plans for the future, and information about Connecticut’s Social Equity Council.

Cannabis Extraction Facility Codes in Connecticut

Whether you plan to be a producer/processer hybrid, or only do processing, there are very stringent codes you will need to meet. Extraction uses volatile chemicals that require extremely careful management to prevent fires, explosions, property damage, and even loss of life. If you don’t have this experience at your fingertips, please be sure to consult an expert prior to making decisions about your solvents and equipment. This is not only a safety decision, it is also an economic one. The wrong choice for your jurisdiction and fire marshal will delay your permitting, putting you that much further away from production and profit. Here’s a brief introduction to solvents.

Cannabis Engineering in Connecticut

If navigating Connecticut’s licensure, permitting, and codes & regulations system is overwhelming, CE+C’s cannabis engineers are happy to help. Whether you’re designing, expanding, or upgrading your cannabis facility, our expertise makes a great member of your team. Learn what other services we offer.

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