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Cannabis Engineering & Compliance Welcomes New Jersey to Legal Cannabis!

In February 2021, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed three bills into law, collectively legalizing and regulating cannabis for recreational use. The legislation established the Cannabis Regulatory Commission, tasked with overseeing the industry and ensuring compliance with regulations.

New Jersey’s journey towards cannabis legalization reflects the evolving attitudes and policy shifts surrounding this plant. In November 2020, New Jersey residents voted in favor of legalization, and in April of 2022, consumers were finally able to purchase recreational cannabis legally.
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Cannabis Legalization in New Jersey

New Jersey’s path to cannabis legalization was not straightforward. The state had previously decriminalized small amounts of marijuana possession and had established a medical marijuana program. However, full-scale legalization faced resistance, with concerns ranging from potential impacts on public health to issues of social equity and criminal justice reform.

One of the driving forces behind New Jersey’s legalization was the example set by its neighboring states. Both New York and Pennsylvania had either legalized or were in the process of legalizing cannabis for recreational use. The loss of potential revenue to neighboring states probably played a significant part in New Jersey’s decision to move forward with its own legalization plans.

New Jersey’s legalization effort was also deeply intertwined with the goal of rectifying racial injustice in cannabis arrests, prosecutions, and incarceration. The new legislation includes provisions to expunge past cannabis-related convictions and create opportunities for individuals from marginalized communities to participate in the very lucrative legal cannabis industry. These efforts attempt to address the disproportionate impact that drug enforcement policies have on minority communities.

New Jersey Cannabis Revenue Plan

The state plans to use its cannabis revenue to fund education, public health, and infrastructure initiatives. Additionally, the creation of a legal cannabis market is expected to stimulate job growth and entrepreneurship. With more than $4.6 million dollars in tax revenue raised in the first ten weeks of legalized sales, the facts seem to strongly support this decision.

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