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Cannabis Facility Engineering Services for Grow, Cultivation, and Extraction

CE+C provides a full range of engineering for cannabis grow, cultivation, and extraction facilities. Our services include HVAC, plumbing, electrical, controls, fire protection, security, lighting, permitting support, troubleshooting, and life safety; all tailored to your unique business and facility needs.

Better Systems for Cannabis Grow and Extraction

We’ve been engineering marijuana facilities since 2016, making us some of the most experienced engineers in the country. We’ve learned a lot and we’re passionate about sharing that information with our clients and with the industry. We know which pieces of equipment aren’t code-compliant, what fire marshals want to see in your plans, and how to help lower your cost of doing business by using energy efficiently. Our engineers happily geek out on C1D1, solvents and their recovery, and just reading code because they enjoy it. You can have all this expertise in your corner when you work with Cannabis Engineering & Compliance. We will design the best possible grow and extraction environments for your facility.

Compliance experts on your team

As we mentioned above, we are compliance experts. Whether you’re growing recreational or medical marijuana, or extracting CBD from hemp, there are a lot of rules you have to follow. Through our marijuana and hemp extraction facility engineering, we design and develop the best possible growth and processing environments. A significant part of the CBD facility engineering services we provide is compliance and permitting support. Our experts in cannabis facility engineering can help you get the occupancy permits you need for your new or existing facility. The same is true for our marijuana facility engineering, including our licensed mechanical, electrical, and fire protection engineers; we all work together to make sure your new or existing facility meets all current codes in your jurisdiction.

As marijuana and hemp laws and codes continue to evolve, working with our specialists is the most effective way to help your facility meet state and local regulatory standards. In fact, our founder sits on the new National Fire Protection Association’s 420 Committee, which is developing new fire codes specifically for cannabis grow and extraction facilities. You don’t get much more expert than that!

Building and Fire Codes get updated every few years. You are usually okay as long as you don’t make significant changes to your equipment or facility. However, there are some changes that may trigger a requirement that you comply with a newer version of the code than the one that was in force when you got your occupancy permit. That can require expensive upgrades, so make sure you have someone on your team who knows what you can do and when you can do it.

Great design saves time

With the rapid expansion of the US cannabis industry, you want to get your facility to production as fast as you can. Getting to market first can mean a competitive edge. Getting to production fast means you’re on the road to profit, spending less time in the “out-go” part of your business plan. This can be a real challenge as laws vary not just from state to state, but even from county to county. Bringing engineers into your early planning can help get you there. As we like to say, “Great design saves time!”

Does this sound good? Tell us about your business and where you want to go. We’ll tell you how we can help you get there.

Cannabis Facility Engineering can be the Foundation of your Success

Cannabis is a complex, competitive industry. The last thing you want to worry about is whether your building’s systems are functioning correctly. We take the worry out of your design and permitting, leaving you free to focus on the core areas of your business. We work in every phase of your business, from start-up through growth and optimization.

CE+C's Cannabis Consulting Services Include...

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Who We Work With: Cannabis Businesses and Architects

Established cannabis businesses

seeking to upgrade or expand, or who need support with the permitting process.

New cannabis businesses

ready to establish their facility

Cannabis architects

needing professional engineering services for client projects.

Cannabis Grow, Extraction, and Cultivation Facility Project Portfolio

We’ve helped more than 60 cannabis facilities to get up, running, and compliant. Here are a few of the most recent.

Extraction Lab, Sparks, NV

CE+C provided design and permitting services for plumbing, HVAC, and fire protection on a former shipping container turned extraction lab…

Las Vegas Processing Facility

CE+C was the mechanical engineer for the conversion of a steel container into a marijuana processing facility in Las Vegas,…

Phoenix Processing & Extraction Facility

CE+C was the mechanical engineer for the conversion of a steel container into a marijuana processing and extraction facility in…

Trust your facility to Cannabis Engineering + Compliance. We've got this.

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