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Whether your cannabis business is a startup or an established business, CE+C is here to help you move forward into the hemp and marijuana industries. Whether you’re growing hemp or marijuana, you may be considering buying an existing building and converting it into a cannabis grow facility.

You have a lot of choices to make. Depending on your location, you may choose an outdoor grow, a greenhouse space, or an artificially lit facility, each of which has unique benefits and challenges. If you do choose an indoor structure, our team will design your cannabis grow facility. We know how to create lighting that encourages growth, how to safely manage CO2 enrichment, and how to precisely regulate temperature and humidity to keep your plants healthy and happy. We have a wealth of experience that we use to optimize your grows and create safe working environments for your people.

Full Development of Your Cannabis Grow Facility

Warehouse grow room design is complicated, and we’ve learned a lot over the years. We took our decade+ of experience in wineries, breweries, and distilleries and applied it to cannabis (we like to call it Weedery Design™). Many of the concerns are the same, but of course some are unique to the industry. With well over a decade of engineering these facilities, we are one of the most experienced firms in the entire United States. This really matters, and some clients have come to us to fix their systems, designed inadequately by engineers with less focused experience.

We use our specialization in commercial grow room installation engineering to help you avoid the problems that plague poorly or inadequately designed facilities. By ensuring your facility complies with all applicable codes, choosing and optimizing the right equipment, you will see an increase in the quality and production of your crops.

Whatever your goals are, making sure your warehouse grow room facility is designed well the first time means you will see profits more rapidly as you provide top-quality product to your market. We cannot encourage you strongly enough to work with knowledgeable folks as you build or expand your business. You’ll avoid a lot of headaches and delays along the way. As we like to say, “Great Design SAVES Time.” And when you’re waiting for your budget to go from outlay to income, time really is money.

To find out more or to talk about a new installation or troubleshooting an existing grow facility, call on the engineers of Cannabis Engineering & Compliance at 206.385.3417.

Facility Design

Our team of design and permitting specialists can help you design your facility from the ground up. Looking to get going fast? Consider using a repurposed shipping container, from our friends at Linked Equipment.

Industrial Systems & Environmental Control

Looking for precise temperature & humidity control? Baffled by complex fire protection requirements? With our decades of experience, we’ll get you maximum performance with minimal hassle.

Permitting Support

We understand code and code officials. We’ve worked with permitting officials and fire marshals in scores of jurisdictions, and can help you quickly navigate the complexities of rapidly evolving codes and regulations.

Troubleshooting and Optimization

Need help troubleshooting a problem in your facility? Estimating the cost of a new or expanded operation? Get in touch! Our work on dozens of grow, processing, and related facilities means we know what works, what doesn’t, and what it will cost.

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