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Precise growing conditions give your cannabis crops an ideal growth environment, protection from pests, and the freedom for it to grow without using energy fighting off mold and mildew. At Cannabis Engineering & Compliance, we specialize in cannabis production facility designs that give you maximum through-put in your extraction process and keep your staff and buildings safe. The cannabis industry isn’t new anymore, but it is still growing and changing rapidly as hemp became legal across the entire country, and states continue to approve the production of marijuana for medicinal and recreational use. This means it’s an exciting time, but it also means the learning curve is steep for those who are new to the industry. Some new cannabis entrepreneurs are finding they’ve wasted money buying equipment that will never be able to meet national and local fire and building codes, or that have wildly exaggerated through-put claims. It’s easy to make mistakes that can cost time and money.

Working with Experts 

The team at Cannabis Engineering & Compliance comprises engineers with experience in marijuana facility design and indoor cultivation facility design. And before that, we designed wineries, breweries, and distilleries, which have a lot of equipment and principles in common with cannabis extraction. As a result, we are some of the most experienced cannabis engineers in the country. We create customized systems that perform well and are cost-effective, while also addressing compliance with national and local fire and building codes. In fact, fire marshals really like working with us, and that gets your certificates of occupancy through quickly, which means you can get busy and produce your product.

Building a new facility from the ground up is one way to get started, and a great way to get exactly what you want. Make sure the architects and engineers you’re working with understand the design requirements for facilities that use volatile chemicals, and that your building can accommodate storage and life-safety requirements as efficiently as possible. You might be amazed at some of the things you need to pay attention to.

This is no different if you’re planning to renovate a building. If you are remodeling an existing structure, we can give you cannabis facility design for that purpose, or help you choose a facility that will meet your requirements. Using existing buildings and converting them to cannabis operations is one way to get started with production, processing, and revenue generation. Choosing existing buildings can also create challenges, and there are some buildings that will never be up to code no matter how much you invest in them. Our team provides services that minimize trial-and-error processes that slow down a lot of new producers. We help you keep ahead of the competition.

For more information about customized cannabis production facility design, contact us at 206.385.3417, or drop us an email.

Facility Design

Our team of design and permitting specialists can help you design your facility from the ground up. Looking to get going fast? Consider using a repurposed shipping container, from our friends at Linked Equipment.

Industrial Systems & Environmental Control

Looking for precise temperature & humidity control? Baffled by complex fire protection requirements? With our decades of experience, we’ll get you maximum performance with minimal hassle.

Permitting Support

We understand code and code officials. We’ve worked with permitting officials and fire marshals in scores of jurisdictions, and can help you quickly navigate the complexities of rapidly evolving codes and regulations.

Troubleshooting and Optimization

Need help troubleshooting a problem in your facility? Estimating the cost of a new or expanded operation? Get in touch! Our work on dozens of grow, processing, and related facilities means we know what works, what doesn’t, and what it will cost.

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