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There are two key considerations for any cannabis or hemp enterprise; having the right equipment and having well-designed systems in place. At Cannabis Engineering & Compliance, we specialize in working with established and startup marijuana and hemp producers to choose the right marijuana extraction equipment to consistently produce a quality product line.

At CE+C, our engineers have a holistic approach to designing systems, recommending cannabis extraction facility equipment, and meeting all regulatory requirements that apply to your facility. The first thing we do is get to know you and your goals. We take time to understand your budget, your priorities, and your short and long-term business plans. We do this before we ever set our metaphorical pen to digital paper, because we can design the best, most solid facility out there, but if it doesn’t meet your needs, it’s a waste of everyone’s time. When it comes to equipment, we can tell you if the promised through-put is accurate, or if it’s more wishful thinking. We know what equipment will meet basic safety standards; equipment that doesn’t meet basic standards is nothing more than a great big (very expensive) paperweight. And to add insult to injury, it may even be costly to dispose of. We definitely recommend that you talk to a disinterested industry professional before you purchase anything at all. Our designs meet your current needs, and also helps you look toward future expansion if that is a part of your long-term plan.

Benefits of Marijuana and Hemp Extraction Equipment Engineering Services

We will help you choose hemp or marijuana extraction facility equipment that scales with you as your business grows and expands. It’s in your best interests to make your plans in ways that allow you to shift your focus as the market dictates. We can help those shifts go smoothly with project phasing that minimizes down-time and causes as little disruption to your revenue stream as possible.

From the moment you break ground, cannabis extraction equipment engineering from CE+C is there throughout the process, and we will stay with you every step of the way. If you are expanding, we will make sure that your new equipment purchases can successfully integrate with what you already have, and that it will give you its highest level of performance.

When one of our clients call us in to help them expand or diversify, we consider it the best measurement of our success, and there’s a lot of celebration on our end. You know, and we know, that we’ve supported you in achieving your goals in this exciting new industry. We love being part of making your dream come true.

If you want an experienced team on your side, get in touch! Find out what cannabis extraction facility equipment will help you achieve your goals, Call us today at 206.385.3417.

Facility Design

Our team of design and permitting specialists can help you design your facility from the ground up. Looking to get going fast? Consider using a repurposed shipping container, from our friends at Linked Equipment.

Industrial Systems & Environmental Control

Looking for precise temperature & humidity control? Baffled by complex fire protection requirements? With our decades of experience, we’ll get you maximum performance with minimal hassle.

Permitting Support

We understand code and code officials. We’ve worked with permitting officials and fire marshals in scores of jurisdictions, and can help you quickly navigate the complexities of rapidly evolving codes and regulations.

Troubleshooting and Optimization

Need help troubleshooting a problem in your facility? Estimating the cost of a new or expanded operation? Get in touch! Our work on dozens of grow, processing, and related facilities means we know what works, what doesn’t, and what it will cost.

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